Sunday, October 19, 2008

WOWZA! Wags retraction!

Well, it looks as if my problems with Walgreens are only with the one store in my area! I had a chance to visit another Wags yesterday, with a barely legible printed 5/25 Q, LOL, I NEED ink!!

Anyhow, I first made sure that that store would take a rain check from another location (sometimes they won't).
They had 1 single Automatic Shower Cleaner! YAY! And the Arm& Hammer Detergent! YAY again! But, this was still only about $23, and I did have that 5 Q, I didn't want to waste the last few drops on my printer ink! (seriously, just the bar code and the line that said when you spend 25 printed) What to get, what to get.....then I saw some Special K bars that I love, and they were $3! So I was good to go! Total was about $28.
This is where it got fun! The manager that I had already talked to was so nice, and the cashier was above nice!
She gladly took my coupons, the 5/25 went thru, no problem! Then $1 off A&H, and then my 10 off of the shower cleaner. It beeped, she said, I don't know why it won't go thru! She said, don't worry hun, I know how to make it take it!
Then she punched it thru and hit the was .22!!!
(and remember I get $11 back in rebate for the cleaner and the detergent)

The cashier said, how did you do that?? I was giggling and absolutely giddy handing her my quarter! ROFL

Now, those of you who know me, know that there is always a problem, right?
After looking at my receipt, the 10 Q went thru 2x's.
My daughter asked me if that was wrong. I said, well, yes, it was wrong. Then she asked me if the mistake would come out of the cashiers pocket. (yes, my 12 yr old REALLY did ask me this, scouts honor)
So, yes, I went back.
They were absolutely floored that I would come back to PAY them money! LOL, the poor manager didn't even know how to fix it. He told me to consider it a gift from Walgreen's!
Before you call me stupid for going back, I would rather look at my kids and see pride in their faces from seeing me do right, than to look in their faces and see doubts about my honesty.
I know some will say I am crazy, so be it. I still got all my great stuff for .22!

I still went and bought some of their items marked as having Register Rewards, since I had told the cashier about my problems at my store, she said, ours always print right away! So, I tested them! Sure enough, they did.
So I guess it depends on the location, not the company!


alanajo said...

You did the right thing.Very honest of you.

WTG! $0.22 oop is fantastic!

Savvy Saving Momma said...

Great Job!!

Tosha said...

You defiantly did the right thing, awesome job!

Tosha said...

tag- you're it!

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Anonymous said...

I thought those Walgreens coupons said that the $5/$25, total must be $25 after coupons?