Monday, September 7, 2009

"Tightwad" things I don't do anymore!

Hello, blogging world! I have been offline since mid August, and finally have gotten some internet connection back! Still waiting on high speed, but even dial up is better than nothing!

So on this Labor Day, I thought I would make a post about tightwad things I DON'T do anymore..

Wash baggies--now I know most people will swear by this and tell you they save X amount of money doing it, and I did used to do it, but instead I stopped buying baggies all together. I just use "Tupperware" or whatever generic or reused plastics I have on hand.

Make my own pancake syrup--this used to be a big money saver for us, but the price of sugar has gone up so high, it is no longer cheaper to make my own than to buy generic, or use coupons.

Like wise, I don't make my own taco seasoning anymore either, simply because I buy it in bulk at Sam's for far less than buying the ingredients to assemble homemade.