Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thinking Twice

Lots of times when I buy my groceries, I am thinking "how can I use this in a different way/recipes?". I recently was able to re purpose a free item to make a totally different food item than it's purpose. I have been getting the Kroger Crazy Combo deals where you buy the main dish, then you get 4 free items. A few weeks ago I got the Potato Finishers in the Combo to go with the baking potatoes. Pressed for dinner ideas on grocery day, I needed a quick (and filling!) meal. I was able to use the white cheddar sauce and the shredded cheese from the Finishers package to make some home style mac n cheese, paired it with a salad and leftover 4th of July brisket and we had a great meal in minutes and were out the door to the grocery store.
Here are a few other things you can re-purpose, so don't be afraid to stock up on them!

Hot Dog buns: mini sub sandwiches, slit in half to make bread sticks for soup,salad, etc
Hamburger buns: breakfast sandwiches, nice crusty garlic bread for lasagna or spaghetti, "bagel" pizzas
Pre-made hamburger patties: pair with a brown gravy for Salisbury Steaks, bread and season for fried "steaks", or just serve them as plain grilled "steaks".
Ranch dressing: use this instead of pizza sauce next time for a tangy treat!

Got ideas of your own? Add them in the comment section!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Schwans Home Delivery Codes

Here are some of the current promotional codes for Schwans Home Delivery Food Service
Use D5 for a $5.oo discount, on any order
Use D6 for orders over $25.00 to get a FREE pizza or half gallon of ice cream
Use code 4A to recieve 5% off your total order.

Oh, and FYI, Schwans accepts Debit/Credit cards, cash or check, and they also can accept state issued food benefits.

On the top menu, they have a tab for Meals under $5.00 and a tab for $1.00 per serving.
Please note, there is a $1.00 delivery fee on all orders.

And one little "green" thing. All Schwans trucks run on propane!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Finally went to CVS this week! I can not tell you how long it has been since I went in there, with the exception of buying gum to get my 10ECB to print)

3 boxes of General Mills Cereal(3.00/each)
2 packs of Extra gum(1.29 each)
used 10ECB I got for taking a survey @ CVS Advisor Panel
$1/3 GM cereals
BOGO on Extra gum that I found loose in my binder,expiring THAT DAY!
after coupons total was:
cashier told me not to even bother, he had an extra penny on the counter!