Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Redbox Movie Review

Ok, so we got our FREE Redbox movie last night, and here is the rundown!

Dog Gone! starring Luke Benworth, French Stewart
Brief outline"
Owen(Benworth, How to Eat Fried Worms) is lonely after his long time companion dog dies. His family has told him another dog is not possible because of his older sisters allergies. Poor Owen get picked on a lot for having a paper route, and being an outsider (he is the sensitive type) after the bullies throw his bike into the stream, he finds a dog that he feels is in need, and manages to sneak it away from the people the dog is with. Turns out the dog is part of a 5 Million Dollar Diamond Smuggling operation!! Owen does his best to keep the dog, Diamond, away from the diamond smugglers, (Home Alone type stuff).
After a final showdown, and the poor dog is in pain, there is a surprise and touching ending!!
I think this movie was rated PG. I would not recommend it for children under the age of 6, because the smugglers refer to "cutting" the diamonds out of the dog, and some other off threats/phrases along those lines.
Overall it was a cute movie for older children and pre-teens. My ever sensitive child (Katie) cried at the ending, when our hero has to decide what is right for the dog, as opposed to need for a new pet.


The Frugal 5 said...

This is the same movie i got my girls from Movie Monday at Redbox! They really liked it.

Michelle said...

Mine too! My oldest daughter gets to pick next week. I bet we get Soccer Mom. My other daughter just had to see this movie, because it starred Luke Benworth!
BUT my son liked it too!