Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wags trip today 10/11

Since this was the last day of the sale, and I had really good coupons, and I was in town, well, you get the picture! However, things didn't go as planned because they were out of the Glad Wispless Fan thing (5.99 and get 3 RR, BUT I have a $5 Q) and the Scrubing Bubbles shower kit. The manager gladley offered me rainchecks, and told me the truck would be there with these items on Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath!

Sorry, no pics,just text.

Shout 2.50
Fantastick 2.50
WOW Pops .50
WOW Pops .50
Snickers 3.59
3Muskaters 2.50
Crunch 2.50
Glade Plug-Ins 1.99
Glade Plug-Ins 1.99
M&M's candy 2.50
Gillette Shampoo 5.99
Gillette Shampoo 4.01

Used (2)$2/off Gillette, BOGO Glade, 1.50 Q's for Shout and Fantastick, and 1/off candy Q.
total OOP was $22.82
AND I am getting $12 in rebates. I got the Shout and Fantastick for FREE after the rebates and coupons.
I was overall happy with this visit, but frustrated about the out of stock items. But, hey it was the last day, and it is Walgreens after all! LOL

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