Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check out the Festival of Frees

Be sure to look at The Thrifty Mama's site for a large list of Freebies! I wished I had to time or know-how to do all that she does! Thanks Crystal!

Link is fixed, it is working now!

Tightwad Birthday Traditions

In honor of my sons birthday, I thought I would share some of our (cheap) birthday traditions!
First off, the birthday child gets to choose the menu for the whole day, anything they want!
Micheal chose pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs!

We have a tradition of hanging streamers or beads over the door of the birthday child for them to walk thru on on their birthday morning.

And I had a small gift for my young artist, the Color Wonder set I got FREE from Energizer for buying their batteries!

He also recieved thru email, 20 FREE token coupons from Chuck E. Cheese, a free Sonic Wacky Pac meal coupon, and special savings coupon from The Childrens Place. Thru the mail he received a $3 gift card from Toys R' Us, and a free hamburger kids meal from Burger King.

CVS Run 10/29

Here is the breakdown:
Transaction #1
Breeze Meter $30.00
4 Soy Joy Bars 4/$4

used: -1.98 ECB
2 BOGO Soy Joy Q's
-30.00 Breeze Q
total OOP: .02 (paid CASH, LOL)
earned 4 ECB
and I will get a $30.00 refund on the meter! SWEET!

Theraflu Warming 5.50
CVS Digital Thermometer 5.00
Sudafed PE 5.00
Tylonol Cold 6.00
Dr.Pepper 1.39 (not pictured because I drank it)
Hershey's Candy Bar .79
Hershey's Candy Bar .79
Welches 100% White Grape Juice(forgot babies juice when I left the house) 1.69

-4/20 CVS Q
-4.00 ECB
-2.58 ECB
-2.00 Tylenol Q
-1.39 FREE soda when you buy 2 candy bars Q
-1.00 Sudafed Q (printed from My Points, get 10 pts for redeming)
-1.00 Sudafed Q same as above

total OOP: 10.19(on Gift Card)
earned 10.00 ECB
it was supposed to take one of the Hershey bars off as well since it was my 10th bar this month, but it didn't, boo!!!

Transaction #3
Tylenol Cold 6.00
Tylenol Cold 6.00
Tylenol Sinus 6.00
Sudafed PE 5.00

-4/20 CVS Q
-10.00 ECB
-2.00 Tylenol Q
-1.50 Sudafed PE Q
-1.00 Tylenol Peelie found on package

total OOP: 4.50 (on Gift Card)
earned 10.00 ECB

This actually was a great deal week for me, because my husband is always complaining when he gets sick that I don't have any "good" medicines in the house! I think I have him covered now.
But I think I am still going to go back and do the deal one more time to get some kids cold meds. My 10 ECB don't expire until the day after Thanksgiving, so I think I will save them to do some Black Friday Saving! I still have some smaller amount ECB from last weeks candy deals.
Oh, and I still have 10.13 left on my Gift Card!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch today............89 cents for 5!

Today we had Spaghetti and Mixed veggies for a total of .89!
Both items were purchased at Kroger. Here is the breakdown on the costs

1 box of Ronzoni Smart Taste Thin Spaghetti 1.89
1 box of Green Giant Mixed Veggies Immunity Boost 1.00(10/$10 last week)

used 1.00 off of the Spaghetti, and a .25 coupon for the veggies that tripled to .75, AND I had a .50 coupon loaded on my Kroger card!

I wasn't sure how much one box would REALY make for my family of 6, but surprisingly it was quite a bit. Even after the 5 of us ate, there is plenty left for hubby's dinner later (kids and I are going to church) I just need to add some Ragu (that I got free @ CVS after coupons and ECB)and a few pieces of toast, and viola!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Redbox Movie Review

This week we got The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning

My girls liked it OK, the music was so-so, the plot quite thin as usual with most Disney Sequel/Prequels. Oh, and they show Ariel's mother being killed in the first 5 minutes or so. But, my kids found the games really interesting. Especially the personality quiz to see which character you are most like (from the film).

Another Great Wags Trip!

It took me a while to find the things that I needed, but it was worth it! The cashier even commented on my great coupons!

2 Pepsi 12-pks 3.34/each
1 Mt. dew 12-pack (hubby needed these for work, and the camping trip)3.31
1 Benefiber Kiwi Strawberry16 ct. single packs 7.99

-2.00 RR
-5.00 Manufacturer Q from Benefiber, any product
-5.00 ESQ Benefiber Kiwi/Strawberrry

total OOP $6.63 and I got 2 RR to use next time!

I was Tagged?? Who's next?

Ok, so I was tagged by Tosha @! Thanks Tosha!
Hmm,ok, so I do read her blog, and a few others, almost everyday. My oldest daughter is sick with Scarlett Fever right now, so I am juggling a lot, and getting ready for a big camping trip tomorrow! Whoo-hooo! Now for those "facts" this is going to be hard yall!

1. I have two sisters, who are not related to each other, and I am an only child (HA, think on that one!)

2. I was editor of my High School yearbook, and I totally loved it! I was on yearbook for all 4 years, I think.

3. Hubby and I were set up by the mother of the girl he WAS dating, at the time!

4. My son was born at home, and delivered by my mother-in-law. He came before the midwife could get here.

5. I have never had wisdom teeth.

6. I am so disorganized, it isn't even funny. I can organize other peoples things, just not my own.

7. I am a born again Christian who surrenedered to Jesus in September 1999.

Now for the tagging:
JANE4girls $800 Annual Budget For A Family of 4

The Thrifty Bowmans

Savvy Saving Momma

The Frugal 5


That's Just Nifty Thrifty

Mommy Managing

I know I probably didn't do this right, oh, well! LOL Wish I knew how to do this comuter mess better. Hopefully next week, after our "vacation" I will get caught up! If you were tagged again, sorry!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

WOWZA! Wags retraction!

Well, it looks as if my problems with Walgreens are only with the one store in my area! I had a chance to visit another Wags yesterday, with a barely legible printed 5/25 Q, LOL, I NEED ink!!

Anyhow, I first made sure that that store would take a rain check from another location (sometimes they won't).
They had 1 single Automatic Shower Cleaner! YAY! And the Arm& Hammer Detergent! YAY again! But, this was still only about $23, and I did have that 5 Q, I didn't want to waste the last few drops on my printer ink! (seriously, just the bar code and the line that said when you spend 25 printed) What to get, what to get.....then I saw some Special K bars that I love, and they were $3! So I was good to go! Total was about $28.
This is where it got fun! The manager that I had already talked to was so nice, and the cashier was above nice!
She gladly took my coupons, the 5/25 went thru, no problem! Then $1 off A&H, and then my 10 off of the shower cleaner. It beeped, she said, I don't know why it won't go thru! She said, don't worry hun, I know how to make it take it!
Then she punched it thru and hit the was .22!!!
(and remember I get $11 back in rebate for the cleaner and the detergent)

The cashier said, how did you do that?? I was giggling and absolutely giddy handing her my quarter! ROFL

Now, those of you who know me, know that there is always a problem, right?
After looking at my receipt, the 10 Q went thru 2x's.
My daughter asked me if that was wrong. I said, well, yes, it was wrong. Then she asked me if the mistake would come out of the cashiers pocket. (yes, my 12 yr old REALLY did ask me this, scouts honor)
So, yes, I went back.
They were absolutely floored that I would come back to PAY them money! LOL, the poor manager didn't even know how to fix it. He told me to consider it a gift from Walgreen's!
Before you call me stupid for going back, I would rather look at my kids and see pride in their faces from seeing me do right, than to look in their faces and see doubts about my honesty.
I know some will say I am crazy, so be it. I still got all my great stuff for .22!

I still went and bought some of their items marked as having Register Rewards, since I had told the cashier about my problems at my store, she said, ours always print right away! So, I tested them! Sure enough, they did.
So I guess it depends on the location, not the company!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shopping Delayed

BOOOO! I forgot that I had Federal Jury Duty today, and I didn't get to go shopping! WE are going to go ahead tomorrow, but it won't be the same going on a Saturday. Surfing crowds with 4 kiddos isn't fun. I am excited to go though! These are all stores that I don't normally get to go to, and I have been collecting some great Q's to use! Thanks to my other bloggin mama's for all the links!

Hoping to do some sprucing up, and add some pictures and things here next week so I can host a Giveaway!
In the meantime, check out The Thrifty Mama for LOADS of other giveaways!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I DO NOT heart Walgreens

So, after an almost great tip to Wags on Saturday, I thought I would go again and get some of the sale items, get some RR, and finish up on my Rebate items for this month. No such luck!
They were still out of the Automatic Shower Cleaner....GRRRRR
and I got 3 packages of Kotex, and 4 2-liter sodas (that were CLEARLY marked as 4/$5 and get $2 RR back), but after check out, I waited *almost* patiently for my RR to print out, and it finally spit one out. I take it and look, it is for $1....!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so mad! I am done with Register Rewards. I think I am just going to stick with the Rebate items until Christmas. Apparently, one of the Kotex items that I bought was the wrong count size to get the reward, and it cost $6.99. Can you say return?? LOL
So, the plan is to return the Kotex, get it on my gift card. I will be traveling to Longview tomorrow (about 45 miles away) for a shopping run, eg. Super Target, Sams, Hobby Lobby, possibly KMart, and Books-a-Million. There is a Walgreens right across from Sams Club, so I am HOPING that I will be able to use my Rain Check for the Shower Cleaner so I can finish up my rebates for this month.

Another GREAT Blog Makeover Giveaway!

That's Just Nifty Thrifty's AlanaJo is so graciously giving away another blog makeover!

Check it out and see how to enter, she has some GREAT info in her comments, and updates very regularly.

Sweet Return @ CVS

Ok, so I went to CVS Monday night, got the Swiffer Starter Set, the duster kit, 5 Propels waters, used the BOGO Q, 4.98 ECB and 4 ECB, so total OOP was $6.81. I got 2 ECB back. Whaattt? Apparently the dusting kit (regular, they were out of the extended handle one) so, I knew I messed up. My favorite cashier was working (alone) and I didn't want to go back in to do a return. Apparently since they were out of the large Propels, I got the tall skinny ones, and they were more money, and a different ECB deal. BOOOOO! LOL

So, on to Wednesday, I took the Swiffer stuff back, explained I just wanted either my $$ back, or store credit. Ok, fine. Well, they siad they could only re-credit my Visa card, not cash. Ok, fine. So the Manager comes and says, we can only return 6.81 to your Visa.
I admit I got a little worried! LOL She then explained, because I used coupons, they would refund my coupons on a CVS card. So, they credited back to my Visa 6.81, and gave me 7.13 back on a CVS card. So I got most of my ECB back! I was excited! I was upset because I had used 8.98 n ECB, and only got back 2 in return! I decided to save my card until next week, and see how far I can make that 7.13 last!!!!!!!! Wahhh-haaa-ahhhhh!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Redbox Movie Review

Ok, so we got our FREE Redbox movie last night, and here is the rundown!

Dog Gone! starring Luke Benworth, French Stewart
Brief outline"
Owen(Benworth, How to Eat Fried Worms) is lonely after his long time companion dog dies. His family has told him another dog is not possible because of his older sisters allergies. Poor Owen get picked on a lot for having a paper route, and being an outsider (he is the sensitive type) after the bullies throw his bike into the stream, he finds a dog that he feels is in need, and manages to sneak it away from the people the dog is with. Turns out the dog is part of a 5 Million Dollar Diamond Smuggling operation!! Owen does his best to keep the dog, Diamond, away from the diamond smugglers, (Home Alone type stuff).
After a final showdown, and the poor dog is in pain, there is a surprise and touching ending!!
I think this movie was rated PG. I would not recommend it for children under the age of 6, because the smugglers refer to "cutting" the diamonds out of the dog, and some other off threats/phrases along those lines.
Overall it was a cute movie for older children and pre-teens. My ever sensitive child (Katie) cried at the ending, when our hero has to decide what is right for the dog, as opposed to need for a new pet.

Went shopping last night

SO, I did my regular shopping last night, and I did OK. I did have trouble at CVS, even though my favorite cashier was there. I got the Swiffer deal, but no ECB, so I will be taking them back. I really didn't even want them, because I won't use them. So, no tears here, LOL.
I also snagged 3 $1/2 Poweraide Q's from CVS to use at Kroger.

I did ok at Kroger too. I am beating myself for going "over" budget, but I did get stocked up on some items that I really needed, so, no tears there either! And I got some Catalina's for $XX off your next visit. Probably the best deal was the Fleishmans Yeast strips.
They were 1.89 on sale, I had a .35Q that tripled and I got back .50 OYNV cats. So total for each of these after Q's and Cats, was .34/a strip. Not too bad, and yes, you can freeze yeast. Now all I need is the one little part to fix my bread maker! I really want to start back making my own bread.

When I went to pay, I found the Poweraid Q's!! So my girls ran back and got 6. They were on sale for .79 a piece= 4.74-3.00 Q's=1.74=tax, total came to 1.88, I used a 1.00 off cat and paid a total of .88 for 6 Poweraides!
So, not too bad, and I am getting there.

Oh, totals for Kroger were $113.04
Total coupons 64.54
Number of items sold, 68 so average was 1.62 per item.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thought for today....

Since today is Columbus Day (observed) it really got me to thinking about this somewhat over looked holiday.

Today (in theory) is the first day of American History. Think about it!
No one even knew the Americas were here, except the native Americans, of course. Then old Christopher Columbus runs aground, convinced he has hit India. So we are discovered, named and recorded all in a day! That is pretty neat! And we are still a young country, even by Columbus's discovery date, compared to the other countries.

Win a Swiffer Carpet Flick!

Saving Makes Cents is hosting a great giveaway! You can enter @

Good luck!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wags trip today 10/11

Since this was the last day of the sale, and I had really good coupons, and I was in town, well, you get the picture! However, things didn't go as planned because they were out of the Glad Wispless Fan thing (5.99 and get 3 RR, BUT I have a $5 Q) and the Scrubing Bubbles shower kit. The manager gladley offered me rainchecks, and told me the truck would be there with these items on Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath!

Sorry, no pics,just text.

Shout 2.50
Fantastick 2.50
WOW Pops .50
WOW Pops .50
Snickers 3.59
3Muskaters 2.50
Crunch 2.50
Glade Plug-Ins 1.99
Glade Plug-Ins 1.99
M&M's candy 2.50
Gillette Shampoo 5.99
Gillette Shampoo 4.01

Used (2)$2/off Gillette, BOGO Glade, 1.50 Q's for Shout and Fantastick, and 1/off candy Q.
total OOP was $22.82
AND I am getting $12 in rebates. I got the Shout and Fantastick for FREE after the rebates and coupons.
I was overall happy with this visit, but frustrated about the out of stock items. But, hey it was the last day, and it is Walgreens after all! LOL

Friday, October 10, 2008

Great info for Begginners!

Ok, so you want to start saving money, there are TONS and TONS of blogs, web site, books, newsletters, etc. etc. You feel like your head is going to explode, and you don't even understand most of the abbreviations used! AHHHH!

There is HELP! Money Saving Mom has the easiest to understand for beginners!

My sister better be reading this!!
Next step is to then look at the blogs on the blog roll to the right of this posting. These are very talented ladies who are more than willing to share their knowledge!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Win a Blog makeover!

AlanaJo over at That's Just Nifty Thrifty is giving away a Blog Makeover! Enter here:

Mail call for 10/8

Whoopsie! I forgot to add my AWESOME mail day!

Got my Peanuts DVD, and I must say I was surprised! Usually freebies come in a paper sleeve, blah, but this one was the "special edition", with outside sleeve cover, and hard DVD case! I was stoked!

and, duh, duh, da-dah! I got my Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate Gift Card! YIPEE! I was told to expect a long wait, but it took under 2 weeks to get here!

My mail has been cruddy lately, so this was a welcome change!

Oh, and my electric bill came, it was half of what it was last month! We are soooooo relieved! Hopefully all our electrical problems are behind us and now we can focus on cutting this bill in half for next month!

CVS this week

Ok, so I wasn't too excited about CVS this week, but I worked out what I wanted and went anyway,LOL. My store is very slow to mark/tag items, especially for ECB. I always make them check the price for me before we get to the totals,(yes, I am a pain) but since I now only get 2-3 items at a time, it doesn't hold up the line.
Trip on 10/6
.99 Colgate Toothbrush
4.98 Always Infinity
1.39 soda
1.39 soda
.79 candy bar
.79 candy bar
.79 candy bar
.79 candy bar

-5.79 ECB
-1.39 soda Q
-1.39 soda Q
-.99 Cogate Q
total 2.35
+.19 tax= $2.54 OOP
earned 4.98 ECB
Didn't earn anything on the toothbrush, even though I thought I would, but again, they didn't have them marked right, and I had a 1.00/off toothbrush Q, so I still got it free. *shrugs* so no big deal (but I secretly kicked myself for not earning back what I spent!)

Went by the mil's and she had a 2.00/off Soleil Q just laying there next to the door! I snatched it up and RAN to CVS, LOL

Trip on 10/8
5.99 Bic Soleil
-2.00 ECB
-2.00 Soleil Q
subtotal 1.99
+.16 tax
=$2.15 total OOP
earned 4.00 ECB

So not too bad! I stayed within my $5 challenge, and I got stuff we needed!
Razors and maxi pads are always in need here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How I got here!

Ok, so I guess I should begin with how I became a self professed Tightwad. And I am proud of that name,by the way.
Back in 1997, I had a young baby and I was a SAHM, and we had just purchased out first house. I had never had a house payment before, so we were really just in shock to own a home, then we had to pay for it too!
So somewhere along the way, thru divine intervention I am sure, I got the opportunity to order a sample copy of The Tightwad Gazette, which was at the time a newsletter. I quickly learned I was a few years behind, and most of the first year of the newletter had been combined into a book. So off to the library I went!

I can honestly say that this is one of two books that have changed my life! (the first being the Bible)

I had finally found my niche! I was a TIGHTWAD I just didn't know it! I started washing baggies, keeping a price book, and just looking and searching for ways to save. It was like someone removed the blinders and I saw so many ways to save, especially in areas I already thought I was saving!

Amy Dacyczyn has such a fun way of writing, and explaining. I really enjoyed this book,and I often go back to it for tightwaddery renewal.

For Christmas that year my mom gave me the complete 3 book set, autographed by the author! I stayed up all night reading (the library didn't have book 3) and it is still my favorite gift today.

So, here I am 12 years later, with more bills than I even thought I would have!And 4 children to care for. I am renewing my tightwad vows, once again, and discipline myself to spend less, and live better.
I learned about blogging at Thrifty Families Forum. I don't expect to do anything fancy, just record and post shopping trips.

Readers! Leave a comment with your favorite money saving book or newsletter!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coupon Binder Giveaway!

Mommy Managing it hosting a Coupon Binder Giveaway! It is really great, because she has done over half of the work for you! So click on over and read about the giveaway, and sign up to WIN!