Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Return @ CVS

Ok, so I went to CVS Monday night, got the Swiffer Starter Set, the duster kit, 5 Propels waters, used the BOGO Q, 4.98 ECB and 4 ECB, so total OOP was $6.81. I got 2 ECB back. Whaattt? Apparently the dusting kit (regular, they were out of the extended handle one) so, I knew I messed up. My favorite cashier was working (alone) and I didn't want to go back in to do a return. Apparently since they were out of the large Propels, I got the tall skinny ones, and they were more money, and a different ECB deal. BOOOOO! LOL

So, on to Wednesday, I took the Swiffer stuff back, explained I just wanted either my $$ back, or store credit. Ok, fine. Well, they siad they could only re-credit my Visa card, not cash. Ok, fine. So the Manager comes and says, we can only return 6.81 to your Visa.
I admit I got a little worried! LOL She then explained, because I used coupons, they would refund my coupons on a CVS card. So, they credited back to my Visa 6.81, and gave me 7.13 back on a CVS card. So I got most of my ECB back! I was excited! I was upset because I had used 8.98 n ECB, and only got back 2 in return! I decided to save my card until next week, and see how far I can make that 7.13 last!!!!!!!! Wahhh-haaa-ahhhhh!

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The Frugal 5 said...

sweet mama. I have to return my duster today I got the wrong one and couldnt figure it out untill i got home. I was so upset that i hadnt got the right one to get the ECB's for the swiffer. So going today hopefully they dont give me a hard time. I want them to put it back on my giftcard so we will see.