Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mail call for 10/8

Whoopsie! I forgot to add my AWESOME mail day!

Got my Peanuts DVD, and I must say I was surprised! Usually freebies come in a paper sleeve, blah, but this one was the "special edition", with outside sleeve cover, and hard DVD case! I was stoked!

and, duh, duh, da-dah! I got my Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate Gift Card! YIPEE! I was told to expect a long wait, but it took under 2 weeks to get here!

My mail has been cruddy lately, so this was a welcome change!

Oh, and my electric bill came, it was half of what it was last month! We are soooooo relieved! Hopefully all our electrical problems are behind us and now we can focus on cutting this bill in half for next month!


alanajo said...

Wow. Great mail day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! These Peanuts movies are super awesome! I want to get some more LOL give them out as gifts to some of the kiddies in the family..