Thursday, October 23, 2008

I was Tagged?? Who's next?

Ok, so I was tagged by Tosha @! Thanks Tosha!
Hmm,ok, so I do read her blog, and a few others, almost everyday. My oldest daughter is sick with Scarlett Fever right now, so I am juggling a lot, and getting ready for a big camping trip tomorrow! Whoo-hooo! Now for those "facts" this is going to be hard yall!

1. I have two sisters, who are not related to each other, and I am an only child (HA, think on that one!)

2. I was editor of my High School yearbook, and I totally loved it! I was on yearbook for all 4 years, I think.

3. Hubby and I were set up by the mother of the girl he WAS dating, at the time!

4. My son was born at home, and delivered by my mother-in-law. He came before the midwife could get here.

5. I have never had wisdom teeth.

6. I am so disorganized, it isn't even funny. I can organize other peoples things, just not my own.

7. I am a born again Christian who surrenedered to Jesus in September 1999.

Now for the tagging:
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I know I probably didn't do this right, oh, well! LOL Wish I knew how to do this comuter mess better. Hopefully next week, after our "vacation" I will get caught up! If you were tagged again, sorry!

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