Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Went shopping last night

SO, I did my regular shopping last night, and I did OK. I did have trouble at CVS, even though my favorite cashier was there. I got the Swiffer deal, but no ECB, so I will be taking them back. I really didn't even want them, because I won't use them. So, no tears here, LOL.
I also snagged 3 $1/2 Poweraide Q's from CVS to use at Kroger.

I did ok at Kroger too. I am beating myself for going "over" budget, but I did get stocked up on some items that I really needed, so, no tears there either! And I got some Catalina's for $XX off your next visit. Probably the best deal was the Fleishmans Yeast strips.
They were 1.89 on sale, I had a .35Q that tripled and I got back .50 OYNV cats. So total for each of these after Q's and Cats, was .34/a strip. Not too bad, and yes, you can freeze yeast. Now all I need is the one little part to fix my bread maker! I really want to start back making my own bread.

When I went to pay, I found the Poweraid Q's!! So my girls ran back and got 6. They were on sale for .79 a piece= 4.74-3.00 Q's=1.74=tax, total came to 1.88, I used a 1.00 off cat and paid a total of .88 for 6 Poweraides!
So, not too bad, and I am getting there.

Oh, totals for Kroger were $113.04
Total coupons 64.54
Number of items sold, 68 so average was 1.62 per item.

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alanajo said...

Awesome deal on the powerade!