Thursday, October 30, 2008

CVS Run 10/29

Here is the breakdown:
Transaction #1
Breeze Meter $30.00
4 Soy Joy Bars 4/$4

used: -1.98 ECB
2 BOGO Soy Joy Q's
-30.00 Breeze Q
total OOP: .02 (paid CASH, LOL)
earned 4 ECB
and I will get a $30.00 refund on the meter! SWEET!

Theraflu Warming 5.50
CVS Digital Thermometer 5.00
Sudafed PE 5.00
Tylonol Cold 6.00
Dr.Pepper 1.39 (not pictured because I drank it)
Hershey's Candy Bar .79
Hershey's Candy Bar .79
Welches 100% White Grape Juice(forgot babies juice when I left the house) 1.69

-4/20 CVS Q
-4.00 ECB
-2.58 ECB
-2.00 Tylenol Q
-1.39 FREE soda when you buy 2 candy bars Q
-1.00 Sudafed Q (printed from My Points, get 10 pts for redeming)
-1.00 Sudafed Q same as above

total OOP: 10.19(on Gift Card)
earned 10.00 ECB
it was supposed to take one of the Hershey bars off as well since it was my 10th bar this month, but it didn't, boo!!!

Transaction #3
Tylenol Cold 6.00
Tylenol Cold 6.00
Tylenol Sinus 6.00
Sudafed PE 5.00

-4/20 CVS Q
-10.00 ECB
-2.00 Tylenol Q
-1.50 Sudafed PE Q
-1.00 Tylenol Peelie found on package

total OOP: 4.50 (on Gift Card)
earned 10.00 ECB

This actually was a great deal week for me, because my husband is always complaining when he gets sick that I don't have any "good" medicines in the house! I think I have him covered now.
But I think I am still going to go back and do the deal one more time to get some kids cold meds. My 10 ECB don't expire until the day after Thanksgiving, so I think I will save them to do some Black Friday Saving! I still have some smaller amount ECB from last weeks candy deals.
Oh, and I still have 10.13 left on my Gift Card!

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