Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Swap Sites

I posted an article last year about online swapping, and thought I would ad a refresher with some more awesome sites added. boasts itself as a totally FREE trading site. "Trade stuff for free" as the web site collects no money for listing items, etc.(there is also a link on my sidebar) It is much like ebay, with a very similar layout. However, you will see some listings that require the buyer to pay shipping. This MUST be listed in the description. You can sort items by FREE shipping however. This works on a credits system, and it is very easy to acquire more credits by linking to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. All members can earn fun little "badges" that are added to your profile for selling, buying, feedback, etc.
If you are looking for a more personal website, then ChocolateSoup is the place for you! A homey environment with friendly women who like to trade items as much as they trade tips, Chocolate Soup is a SAHM's dream site. It is a private group however, but there are no fees involved. This again works on a credit system knows as "chips". New auctions are posted almost daily and it is a great resource for coupons as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

National Pancake Day @ IHOP=FREE PANCAKES!

It's that time of year again! National Pancake Day will be here Tuesday Feb. 23. You can go into any (participating) IHOP restaurant between 7am to 10pm and get a FREE short stack of their yummy pancakes! Details HERE. IHOP asks that you consider making a donation to The Children's Miracle Network, a very worthy cause! You can even schedule a wake up reminder call HERE from an NFL Hall of Famer, Miss America Caressa Cameron, Marie Osmand, or Monique Coleman

Soups On!

Last year I posted about the 7 day turkey forecast, and we had another one this week. Again, we ran into the "dulldrum" of having turkey almost every night, and I still have a bag in the refrigerator (to be used with a box of Hamburger Helper), but the best part about making a large turkey is the broth you can make afterwards! I keep all the bones and fat, add them to a stock pot and cover with water. Maybe throw in a few bouillon cubes and some salt, simmer for a few hours, then add celery (I use the end pieces I would usually throw out, with the leaves) and carrots and any other seasonings, keep simmering and eventually you have a wonderful broth! I then let cool, strain well to remove the bones, and stored over night in the refrigerator with a plastic wrap skimming the top of the broth. The fat settles to the top when cooling and attaches to the plastic wrap, removing some of the fat. I then measure out the broth into 2 cup portions and freeze until needed. I like the 2 cup portions because I can just pop a few into the crock pot for soup starter, or use it to cook rice in, and I don't have to measure it again. This time I yielded 30 cups of broth/soup base that will be used throughout the year. And the total cost was,you guessed it, $0. This was my husbands holiday turkey and I already had all the other ingredients on hand for the broth.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shop today, for next year.

Today (2/15) is the best day to shop for Valentines Day candy! I have done this for years, frozen the candy and have never had a problem. I shop for candy the day after the holiday to make the most of my money. I was able to get 4 wonderful gift boxes of chocolate covered fortune cookies (regularly $5 a box) for a whopping $1.50 a box. But these in the freezer and viola! No shopping for me! I already have Easter and Christmas candy as well. A few tips:
*only freeze hard chocolate or milk chocolate, avoid chocolate covered marshmallows, raisins, fruit or popcorn. These will NOT taste good after freezing/thawing.
*look for hard candy, these also do well (think conversation hearts)
*do not remove candy from it's original packaging. You can also store in ziplock bags to preserve the fresh taste)
*make a specific place in your freezer for holiday candies (to keep others out of your stash).
This can cut your budget a lot, especially if you have kids. I generally spend about $2-4 for my 4 kids each holiday, and I don't have to rush out at the last minute.
And be sure to check your favorite online retailers for discounts!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another FREE 8x10 Collage at Walgreens!

Use code VDAY at to get a FREE collage print!
Thanks Abundant Food Savings!

$10 printable Burke's Outlet Coupon!

Click HERE to get a $10 off $40 purchase at Burkes Outlet Stores! Good Feb. 11-15. Don't forget to save more by shopping with your Monday(for shoppers over 50) or Friday(for shoppers under 49) club card! You can also click HERE to locate a store near you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Click to Donate

This click to donate is a little different. As part of the Live Positively campaign Coca Cola's Facebook Fan page with donate $1 to the Boys&Girls club for ever virtual Coke you sent to a friend. You can check it out HERE. Send to all your friends and see how much can be donated!!

Facebook Freebie!

Americas Egg Farmers would like to give away a dozen eggs to all their Facebook Fans! Become a fan of Incredible Edible Egg here then check back on Friday 2/5, to get a Buy 1 Get 1 Free eggs coupon! Only available to the first 30,000 who download it!

Thanks to Erin @ Jane4girls$800 Annual Budget