Thursday, October 16, 2008

I DO NOT heart Walgreens

So, after an almost great tip to Wags on Saturday, I thought I would go again and get some of the sale items, get some RR, and finish up on my Rebate items for this month. No such luck!
They were still out of the Automatic Shower Cleaner....GRRRRR
and I got 3 packages of Kotex, and 4 2-liter sodas (that were CLEARLY marked as 4/$5 and get $2 RR back), but after check out, I waited *almost* patiently for my RR to print out, and it finally spit one out. I take it and look, it is for $1....!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so mad! I am done with Register Rewards. I think I am just going to stick with the Rebate items until Christmas. Apparently, one of the Kotex items that I bought was the wrong count size to get the reward, and it cost $6.99. Can you say return?? LOL
So, the plan is to return the Kotex, get it on my gift card. I will be traveling to Longview tomorrow (about 45 miles away) for a shopping run, eg. Super Target, Sams, Hobby Lobby, possibly KMart, and Books-a-Million. There is a Walgreens right across from Sams Club, so I am HOPING that I will be able to use my Rain Check for the Shower Cleaner so I can finish up my rebates for this month.


alanajo said...

((HUGS)) Sorry WAGs was sucky today.

andrea said...

found your blog through moneysavings mom

i've been having issues with walgreens too! makes me soo upset!

Michelle said...

Yeah, Wags is giving me problems for sure. Apparently one of the candies that I bought did not qualify me for the $4 Rebate? I dunno! I did have to buy some more the other night for church, so I am going to submit that receipt too!
Oh, and Andrea, welcome!