Thursday, October 9, 2008

CVS this week

Ok, so I wasn't too excited about CVS this week, but I worked out what I wanted and went anyway,LOL. My store is very slow to mark/tag items, especially for ECB. I always make them check the price for me before we get to the totals,(yes, I am a pain) but since I now only get 2-3 items at a time, it doesn't hold up the line.
Trip on 10/6
.99 Colgate Toothbrush
4.98 Always Infinity
1.39 soda
1.39 soda
.79 candy bar
.79 candy bar
.79 candy bar
.79 candy bar

-5.79 ECB
-1.39 soda Q
-1.39 soda Q
-.99 Cogate Q
total 2.35
+.19 tax= $2.54 OOP
earned 4.98 ECB
Didn't earn anything on the toothbrush, even though I thought I would, but again, they didn't have them marked right, and I had a 1.00/off toothbrush Q, so I still got it free. *shrugs* so no big deal (but I secretly kicked myself for not earning back what I spent!)

Went by the mil's and she had a 2.00/off Soleil Q just laying there next to the door! I snatched it up and RAN to CVS, LOL

Trip on 10/8
5.99 Bic Soleil
-2.00 ECB
-2.00 Soleil Q
subtotal 1.99
+.16 tax
=$2.15 total OOP
earned 4.00 ECB

So not too bad! I stayed within my $5 challenge, and I got stuff we needed!
Razors and maxi pads are always in need here!

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Anonymous said...

Not to bad! I have not even gone to CVS the past few weeks cause there has not been anything I really "need" or want... Hope this coming week is good.. I have some 3 of 15 coupons I'd like to spend LOL