Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How I got here!

Ok, so I guess I should begin with how I became a self professed Tightwad. And I am proud of that name,by the way.
Back in 1997, I had a young baby and I was a SAHM, and we had just purchased out first house. I had never had a house payment before, so we were really just in shock to own a home, then we had to pay for it too!
So somewhere along the way, thru divine intervention I am sure, I got the opportunity to order a sample copy of The Tightwad Gazette, which was at the time a newsletter. I quickly learned I was a few years behind, and most of the first year of the newletter had been combined into a book. So off to the library I went!

I can honestly say that this is one of two books that have changed my life! (the first being the Bible)

I had finally found my niche! I was a TIGHTWAD I just didn't know it! I started washing baggies, keeping a price book, and just looking and searching for ways to save. It was like someone removed the blinders and I saw so many ways to save, especially in areas I already thought I was saving!

Amy Dacyczyn has such a fun way of writing, and explaining. I really enjoyed this book,and I often go back to it for tightwaddery renewal.

For Christmas that year my mom gave me the complete 3 book set, autographed by the author! I stayed up all night reading (the library didn't have book 3) and it is still my favorite gift today.

So, here I am 12 years later, with more bills than I even thought I would have!And 4 children to care for. I am renewing my tightwad vows, once again, and discipline myself to spend less, and live better.
I learned about blogging at Thrifty Families Forum. I don't expect to do anything fancy, just record and post shopping trips.

Readers! Leave a comment with your favorite money saving book or newsletter!


Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

alanajo said...

Congratson the new blog. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

Charlene said...

I have the "Tightwad Gazette"
3-in-1 book. I first found the individual ones at the library, then found this one, I think at Sam's Club, about 10 years ago.

Another good one is "Miserly Moms" by Jonni McCoy.