Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trip Totals

Here are the totals of out trip! Went over budget slightly, but hey, my husband decided to go at the last minute, so I had to add a person and didn't have time to adjust the spending allowance.

Gas: $63.00 (and I still have more than half a tank)
Food: $28.50
Miscellaneous: $8.00 (car wash and laundry at hotel)
Hotel room: $0
Entertainment: $0
total for trip: $91.50

We stopped to get gas (tank was at less than half) and decided to go ahead and "blow" some money on a couple of $5 Footlongs from Subway. Hey, 4 hungry kids and 200 miles ahead doesn't make a pretty picture! We did eat food from home in the hotel Sunday night, and the only money we spent there was for the laundry. My 10 year old had been at a church retreat all weekend and the are required to play in the mud! I was not carrying around muddy clothes, and my 12 year old had spent the day at a Horse barn, so again, not gonna carry yucky smelling clothes in the car. Took my own detergent so that saved me some $$. (Free Tide samples received in the mail) I totally forgot that the machines would be coin operated! So spent $1.50 on the washer, and thought about not using the dryer and just hanging them in the room. I really wished I had listened to myself, because I spent the $1.50 on the dryer and it didn't work! We ended up drying them in the room anyway. *Sigh*
All in all it was a productive trip! We delivered 4 cases of Girl Scout Cookies, visited family and spent some time together, so well worth it!

**when we got home yesterday, my Pizza Hut gift card was in the mailbox! LOL, wished we had had it on the trip though!

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Mommy Managing said...

I recently took a trip and used that free weekend day car rental from Hertz. Most certainly NOT free.

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