Monday, February 16, 2009

Not much to share

I have not made many posts lately simply because I have not had anything to share. Plus, we have been super busy with the closing of Basketball and my youngest childs birthday. The party turned out nice, but I had no great deals to share. I haven't been to CVS in WEEKS and my Walgreens trips have turned out to be a bust. The only thrifty highlight in the last few weeks has been our Valentines party.
I put my 10 year old in charge of the family party, and she had a budget of $10, of which she spent $9. Each (4 kids) child had a bag of candy, we had decorations and ice cream, so she did a great job! If I can get the pics uploaded, she made great little mailboxes for everyone out of Kleenex boxes, and I know she was proud of them.
My hubby also suprised me with a new Blackberry Pearl (which was totally not needed or necessary) but he went thrifty for me! It is a refurbished that cost less than half of what the "new" phones cost.
I am hoping to get more tips posted, and maybe some guest posts.
Thanks for reading.

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