Saturday, February 21, 2009

Travel far.

So, hitting the road tomorrow! I will be traveling about 300 miles. The cooler is packed, the snacks are packed, and the clothes are almost packed. I gassed up the car for a total of $35 ($1.70 gal) and spent $2.09 on snacks at Kroger. I have a ton of the Betty Crocker snacks in the pantry too, so that will help. And lots of drinks for the kids. We will have to eat out lunch tomorrow, but expecting to eat in the hotel room tomorrow night. Also went to the library the other day to get some fun Books on CD and some DVD (I have a DVD player in my van). I also called ahead and reserved a port a crib, saving me a wrestling with my youngest daughter, and the saving space in my van for necessities.
So far, so good, at least budget wise!

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