Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Travel Challenge

Well, here I was just itching for a tightwad challenge, and one has presented itself! I will be traveling to the Ft. Worth area this weekend! I have take some things to my sisters office in downtown Ft. Worth, Texas (3 hrs travel time for me). I will need to use a hotel room because of time constraints. So, I was Googling hotels, and called my beautiful sister for ideas, when she said she had a FREE (INCLUDING TAX-there is a room and board tax here in TX) stay at any La Quinta Suite Hotel. **Pretty suite!
So my room and board are covered!
Hotel: $0

Next challenge is food. I have a $15 Pizza Hut GC on the way from MyPoints. Hopefully it will get here in time. That could work out really well with the Buy a Large and get 1 for a penny deal!
So here is my goals:
Less than $60 total OOP for Gas
$20 total OOP for food (1 adult, 4 kids) for the 2 day trip.
Breakfast is included at the hotel.

Will update totals when I can! I LOVE a challenge!

**Pun intended

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