Friday, February 13, 2009

Tightwad Tip: Learning your address

When teaching my kids their address and phone number I used a magazine subscription postcard to teach them. I was reminded of this idea after about ten of them fell out of my All You! magazine.
It also reinforces writing skills because they must print clearly in a confined space. These postcards can be found in any magazine. You can often find them in the free magazine pile at the library or in waiting rooms. This is another one of those easy things to carry in your purse to keep you kids busy when you need them to be!


* Star Lyte * said...

Great idea!!

When my oldest was about 10 I asked him to put our address on christmas envelopes. He said :
"Where's the labels?"

It was then he learned to address an envelope...(w/o labels)

Melanie said...

Good idea!