Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, the 7 days of turkey was a good idea! However by Tuesday, my husband was begging for a break! I still have a Ziplock quart bag full of turkey, and the bones and such to make broth with (which I will do this weekend). There are still so many meals I can make with just that!

Haven't been doing much shopping much except for the very basics and haven't gotten a great, or ever good deal, for a while. Sigh.

I did however find a trade in bookstore yesterday that my kids and I are in love with. Ahhh! I loved walking in there! I love the smell of books! I am such a weird-O.
My one treasure was a book, "Trash to Treasure", which has some amazing crafts to make from aluminum cans, plastic bottles, steel cans, etc.

My baby girls birthday is in 2 weeks, so I guess that will be my next challenge!
Hopefully it will be blogable!

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Thrifting for Fun said...

That would be one book that I would love to have. I love recycled crafts.