Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Find at Walgreens

So I finally found my camera! Bad news is they cracked the screen and now the pics are fuzzy and horrid. Sorry about that.
I took my daughter,Christy into Walgreens last night to get some of the things she needed for our Valentines party (update on that later) and we saw this.
It is a nice water bottle filled with samples. We got a 4pk of crayons, hand cream for dry and sensitive skin, a 7 day medication dispenser, hand sanitizer gel pin, chap-aid, and a pocket pack of facial tissues. Not bad for .99! I plan on going back for more soon.


amy05 said...

Hey I got one of those too filled with all kinds of goodys lol I mainley got mine for the hand sanitizer pen spray thingie lol and the pill holder for dh!

* Star Lyte * said...

I want one!! :O) I know it varies place to place but where did you find them in your store?? I could use the water bottle and the sani pen!!

Michelle said...

Star Lyte--I found them on small display in the center isle ( where the Valentins stuff is). I also wanted the sani pen, that alone was worth the .99 to me, and hey,no coupon needed!