Sunday, November 2, 2008

So excited for shopping tomorrow!

I am gonna get some SWEET deals at Kroger! Had to share this one up front, the rest of my list is a work in progress.

I got a CAT from Kroger a few weeks ago, save .65 WYB 4 cans of Mighty Dog Canned food. Hence the FREE cans of Mighty Dog food in today's papers. As long as I have the Kroger CAT on top, I will get 4 free cans, and .65 overage.I say this because, if they take of the free cans first, I am afraid they will reject the other Q. The cashiers have been reading the Q's really well lately. But, YIPEE! I am so excited! Hope to scan my receipt and post it tomorrow night!

Ran into to Wal-Mart for a second today and I got:
All You magazine(2.24)
2 Kraft Bagefuls(1.98 used a $1 IP Q, printed from My Points, earned 20 pts.)
2 Progresso Clam Chowder soups(1.50, used 2 1.10/off IP Q's)
2 Always Infinity(4.97, used 2 $2/off Q's)
2 Green Giant Steamers(1.23, used 2 1.00/off Q's)
Garlic Chicken Viola(3.87, used 2.00/off Q from DVD insert)
total before coupons: 25.47
total after coupons: 13.27


alanajo said...

Great job @ WM. Good luck at Karoger!

alanajo said...

Whats your email addy?