Friday, November 14, 2008

Join Stouffer's Dinner Club!

Thanks to Common Sense with Money for the posting about this deal!

Join Stouffers Dinner Club and you will get 100 points, if you donate 20 (or more) points to feed the Hungry, and they will send you a Tote Bag for FREE! Collect Codes in specially-marked package of STOUFFER'S® single-serve meals and accumulate Dinner Club Points. You can also earn points doing surverys.Use your accumulated points to bid on rewards. For the month of November auctions are on hold to focus on donations to Feeding America. Every 20 points that get donated translate into one meal donated to Feeding America.It's free to join, you get the free points to donate and help someone and in return you get a free tote.
Please remember, people still go hungry every day in out own country! Please do something as simple as signing up with Stouffers to help those less fortunate.


one frugal lady said...

Hey, if you sign up, you automatically get 100 points. I donated all my points, and got a free tote bag, not too shabby!

Michelle said...

Yep, that is what I did as well! Plus you can do the surverys,etc to get more points, and donate more!