Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kroger Update didn't go as great as I had hoped at Kroger Monday night, but I did OK. It takes me a long time to upload pics, even to photobucket, so no photo or scan on this one. Total was approximately $128.xx before Q's, $87.xx after Q's. I am still kind of mad because the did not scan one of my free dog food q's, and that great .65 off 4 Q I was so excited about? Didn't scan that one either! GRRRRRRRRRR
But didn't realize until I got home and really looked at my receipt. The cashiers here (and Wags especially) have been doing this a lot lately! Scanning the Q, knowing that it didn't take, and keeping it anyway! That is so wrong! I will have to watch them more carefully.
On a bright note, I did receive by mail a bunch of FREEBIES coupons from Kroger!
FREE 10-15 lb Turkey
FREE 12 ok Dr. Pepper
FREE Fresh Express Salad
FREE Private Selection Ice Cream
FREE Betty Crocker Cake Mix
2.00 off Prilosec
.75 off Fresh Express Salad
1.25 off Multi-pack Frito Lay chips
.35 off Kroger Fries
.25 off Kroger Buns( hot dog, or hamburger)
1.00 off Ozarks Natural Spring Water
1.50 off Green Cuisine Meal
1.00 off 2 Welches Jellies/Jams
1.00 off Sister Schuberts's Product
1.00 off Hungry Jack Potatoes
.40 off 2 Hunts' Snack Packs

Looks like we are going to have a Free Thanksgiving Dinner w/dessert from Kroger's! LOL

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