Monday, March 9, 2009

3 Ways to........Reuse Waxed Paper Cartons

Ok, so here we go!
3 Ways to Re-use a Waxed Paper Carton (like OJ, milk, or creamer cartons)

1. Fill 3/4 way full with water and put in your deep freeze, place cap on when completely frozen. Use these to fill empty spaces in you freezer because the freezer will run more efficiently (use less energy!) when it is full. Then when you need ice for a cooler, you have a huge block all ready! And can be frozen, thawed and refrozen about 3 times before the carton weakens.

2. After cleaning the carton well, use it for your homemade chicken or beef stock. Pour into carton using a funnel, and keep in the fridge! When you are ready to pour, the fat will have settled and the top and won't come out of the spout when you pour because the liquid will come out first. Or you can strain it through a coffee filter to make sure no fat escapes.

3.Cut the top off of the carton and use it as a mold to make your own candles! Just melt regular paraffin or soy wax, pour and insert wick! Layer with potpourri for a distinct, unique candle.

BONUS CRAFT: Look HERE for instructions on how to make a wallet from a carton!!

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