Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Ways to Reuse............Plastic Gum/Candy Containers

Here are just 3 of the many ways you can reuse those small plastic gum/candy containers! (Mentos gum, M&M Minis,etc)

1. Perfect size for a change holder for your car.

2. Push a thumbtack through the lid and pin it to a bulletin board to hold tacks, a pen, etc.

3. Tooth holder. These make the perfect size for those little teeth your kids leave the Tooth Fairy! You can decorate with lots of alternatives, even gem stones! Much easier to find that little hard container under the pillow in the middle of the night!!

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* Star Lyte * said...

We put raisins in the gum containers after we wash them out for the diaper bag!! I love reusing containers. If we loose them its not like we are out anything really.
I also took my little first aid kit, covered it and use it for my business cards!! :O) I had so many kits I just combined them and had extra trinket boxes! GREAT POST!!