Monday, July 26, 2010

Uses for your old phone books

Since they just delivered new phone books, I rounded up my old ones and was racking my brain on how to re-use them. Of course I have read about a lot of uses,but I couldn't remember them. DIYLife has a useful post HERE with lots of good (and some LAME) comments from reader.
A sampling of the better comments:
"I take pages from the old phone book and run them through the paper shredder. It makes great packing material for fragile objects and is a "green" alternative to Styrofoam peanuts"

"My husband and I use them at the shooting range for targets. It's interesting to see which bullets from certain guns penetrate the whole book. When we are finished, we use them for backyard fire starters in our fire pit."

"the pages are great for cleaning windows. the leave no lint or streaks."

And there are 2 other,illustrated uses from one of my favorite blogs Making Do With Not So New.

I personally keep last years phone book in my car for phone numbers and addresses of businesses.

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