Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Swap Sites

I posted an article last year about online swapping, and thought I would ad a refresher with some more awesome sites added. boasts itself as a totally FREE trading site. "Trade stuff for free" as the web site collects no money for listing items, etc.(there is also a link on my sidebar) It is much like ebay, with a very similar layout. However, you will see some listings that require the buyer to pay shipping. This MUST be listed in the description. You can sort items by FREE shipping however. This works on a credits system, and it is very easy to acquire more credits by linking to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. All members can earn fun little "badges" that are added to your profile for selling, buying, feedback, etc.
If you are looking for a more personal website, then ChocolateSoup is the place for you! A homey environment with friendly women who like to trade items as much as they trade tips, Chocolate Soup is a SAHM's dream site. It is a private group however, but there are no fees involved. This again works on a credit system knows as "chips". New auctions are posted almost daily and it is a great resource for coupons as well.


one frugal lady said...

Hey, I am having my first giveaway! Come and enter!

SonyaAnn said...

I've never heard of chocolate soup. Thank you for the info, I'm so glad that I found your blog!

Michelle said...

Your welcome SonyaAnn! Chocolate Soup is a private group, so it's up to members to spread the word. It's a great group, hope to see you there!