Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Book Review:" Living Rich for Less"

Are you looking for a book to help you save the big money? Do you need a friend to help you understand the ends and out of the credit card game? Are you in search of the best ways to save for you children's college? Do you want to be able to take family or couples vacations, even in these times of recession?

Then "Living Rich for Less" can help you! In her latest book, author Ellie Kay helps you create the Lifestyle you want, by Giving, Saving, and Spending Smart (or smarter).

With her usual humor, Ellie shares loads of ways her family has saved on vacations, college, taxes, mortgages, all while helping you dig out of debt, re asses you priorities, and giving to others as well!

She teaches the 10/10/80 budget principle (work sheets/pages are included), and walks thru it each step to help you understand how to save your money, and spend money smarter. I especially appreciate the chapters on giving. I am afraid that after a few years of the save, save, save mindset, that the give, give, give got lost in me. I am thankful to have Ellie remind me of how important it is to use your savings to help others, and that you don't have to give money to help others either. Reading the section where she tells about how her family gave away a Suburban to a homeless shelter, well, it honestly made me teary eyed.

Are you confused with the different mortgage terms? How about types of life insurance? Ellie can help!

Do you want to learn some ways you can help the environment, with our footing a large bill for yourself? Ellie can help!

Do you need help in learning the safest way to put away your money for your future? Ellie can help!

You too can learn all these tips buy reading "Living Rich for Less" by Ellie Kay
Here are some places you can purchase this book:

In the spirit of giving, I am donating this book to my local library!

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