Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogging for Books: Book Review, Blind Hope by Kim Meeder

I requested "Blind Hope" in great anticipation. I was not disappointed! This book, by Kim Meeder is extremely insight full and soul stirring.

Laurie was looking for something else in her life. So she accepted a plea to rescue a dog. When she first meets the dog, all her illusions of a cute puppy were dashed. She almost refused, but decided to take the dog away from it's impoverished home, in fear that the poor creature would die without help. Although tough at first, Laurie begins to bond with the dog she now calls Mia.

Mia begins to teach Laurie a lot about unconditional love, and about obedience and how her relationship with Mia is mirroring Laurie's relationship with God. Or should I say lack of relationship with God.

Shortly after rescuing Mia, Laurie takes her to the vet for a physical and evaluation. The vet delivers some devastating news to Laurie. Mia is going blind, and has many other physical aliments. Poor Laurie is crushed.

The story follows Laurie's spiritual path in fully accepting Gods greatest gift, often mirrored in Mia's acceptance of Laurie as her Master. A Master she can not see, but trusts and loves.
I admit I struggled reading this book, not because of the writing, but because it shed light on my own spiritual life, or lack of. It inspired me to get closer to God, not because He moved away from me, but because I moved away from Him.
This review is of a book that I received free of charge from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog.

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