Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's the end of 2009! Review of goals

Happy New to you! On this New Years Eve, I thought I would review my goals for 2009 and update on those I actually completed.

*keep up with the $5 CVS challenge, and include Walgreen's as well(when possible)
I actually did keep up with this for a while, but to me the deals just kind of dried up. I rarely spend any money is CVS anymore, and less at Walgreen's. We have a good stockpile (nothing pic worthy) that works for us and haven't spent more than $3 the whole year on shampoo, soap, toothpaste,etc. Plus I was able to score more gift cards for CVS this year thru MyPoints and Chase Visa Rewards.

*bake more from scratch
Did pretty good with this one and stumbled on a great cookie bar recipe that we make often!
*create a gift box (we seem to be swamped with birthday parties in the spring time, so this will help a lot)
Got a decent supply of these now, due in part to after Christmas sales
*cut energy costs!
Haven't made too much headway yet, but have cut my electric by half recently.
*make my own laundry soap
SUCCESS! Love doing this, and also my dishwasher detergent as well.
*recycle as much as possible in my community (we don't have a recycling pick-up or program here)
This goal I have done well with! Found a local grocer that has an outside recycling bin for plastic bags. I drop off all out newspaper at the local Animal shelter once a month. Magazine go to the Library free bin, and take aluminum cans to the only recycling center we have, and the money from them goes into our "Fun Fund".
*this is going to be the year that I finally learn to sew!
Sadly, no,I still haven't learned how to sew, maybe 2010!

And same as last year, BE BLESSED in the new year!

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