Monday, May 18, 2009

3 Ways to Get Ready for Summer CHEAPLY!

1. If you have an ice maker, let it run! Bag ice in plastic grocery bags to store for use in ice chests later.

2. Gather up your Wipes boxes. If you have small children (or even older ones) make them a travel box! Fill with small candies, fun pads, crossword puzzles, toys, or other small treats. Create your own scavenger hunt for long road trips (ex. Find a license plate from ___ state, 10 pts., include landmarks and easy to find items for younger kids)

3.Make a planned itinerary (with pictures) for the kids. Even make them their own maps! Trips go much smoother if they can keep up on where they are, where they are going and what to expect. Use recycled paper or paper grocery bags, cut pics from magazines, etc. Leave a place for them to journal or check off the days events, and they have a great one of a kind souvenir before you leave the house.

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