Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Grocery

Since I live at least 30 minutes from any of our "local" grocery stores, and no grocery flyers are delivered in out mail, and only 2 of the stores put their weekly flyer in the newspaper, I have had to find creative ways to view the store flyers. (driving to the store just for the flyer is not cost effective,LOL) Sure I can look at each stores individual web site and look at their flyers online, slow internet connection speeds make even this simple task frustrating. However, My Grocery is an easy way to see what stores in my area have what on sale each week.

It works like this, you set up your account, then you pick what stores from your area (even drug stores that carry food items, i.e CVS)you want on your list, and they send you an email on the day that the new flyers are released. That easy! After logging in, you can view sale items, add them to your list, and either have the list emailed to yourself, or you can print (you can also type in anything else you want on your list,or reminders, use $1 off Kellogg's coupons,etc or remind your self to price check an item). The site alerts you to healthy food choices, and alerts consumers to possible food allergens as well. As added bonuses, there are coupon resources, and the sales dates and stores are printed on your list so if you go to another store that has price matching, you are all set.


LittlePeopleWealth said...

Interesting site, thanks :-)

Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info. Looks interesting.