Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DUDE! I won something!

Don't get too excited, I apparently won the satisfaction of knowing I won, i.e no real prize! LOL

I went on to RedBlog this morning and saw their first ever the Three:Freeze Frame challenge. I got all three movies correct! I believe I won some aluminum foil to crumple.....??
Anyway, I thought it was neat! You can read the post HERE, and these were not the pics that were up earlier today.
RedBlog is a great way to keep up with new movies, and DVD releases, instead of standing in front of the RedBox machine for 20 minutes trying to find something you want to see. (insert sarcastic tone from ME who is always behind this person!)

1 comment:

Blakely said...

my husband is that person and it drives me crazy. Just pick a movie. Now i have him look online before we go.